About Us

ITHirings is one of a kind global executive search firms holding a reputation for its unparalleled research capabilities, 360 degree personalized service &creative agility. ITHirings international takes pride in its team comprising of consultants who are experts in their practice areas, extremely responsive and quick with solutions. ITHirings international tailors solutions to fit your unique situation.
ITHirings international provides its clients with a confidential Market Analysis Report — 21 days into our engagement. It consists of a detailed profile of the most qualified candidates that have been contacted to date. ITHirings internationals Market Analysis Reports are tailor made as per requirements of the clients and are a great tools for analyzing:

  • The industry and market
  • The general perception of the client’s organization
  • The competitive landscape based on ITHirings internationals insights.

The 21-Day ITHirings international Market Analysis Report also includes a compensation study to help you assess expectations in the marketplace. As the market is constantly changing, we believe in keeping our eyes and ears open

ITHirings international serves our clients on both, personal and professional basis. We do not believe in compromising on our quality, degree of service, or commitments to our client. Our belief in our quality of work is remarkable strong, supported by a simple guarantee: should our selected candidate chooses to leave or is terminated between within two years of joining our clients; we will recruit and replace with another candidate at zero additional professional service fees. While this is a great guarantee, we have seldom seen it used. *The 2 year guarantee is varies across all countries and regions. Please contact the ITHirings international for details on specific engagements
ITHirings utilizes a trademarked technology that puts together project management & database functionality to support our search process.
ITHirings internationals research department has a stringent research policy regarding study and market analysis to target and identify individuals who play and instrumental role in contributing to the growth and success of target organizations. This is achieved through in-depth direct sourcing of target companies, as well as, organizational charts/mapping of competitive companies. We follow a strategic approach by dedicating a vast amount of resource to each project; hence succeeding in changing minds and optimizing the decision process.
ITHirings internationals global network is consistently drawn upon to employ all available sources, associates, contacts and industry expertise. It’s our mission to deliver top talent to every client.

We believe that a successful search initiation leads to a successful search completion. Our process involves fine combing through candidate list that helps us achieve key milestones at an early in the search life cycle, thus laying a strong foundation to ensure an effective recruiting.

Weeks 1–3 Initiate Search Weeks 2–5 Identify Candidates Weeks 6–9 Qualify Candidates Weeks 9–12 Select Candidates/td>
  • Study Organization & Position
  • Meet Key Requirements
  • Develop Specifications
  • Develop Strategy
  • Contact Potential Candidates
  • Screen Candidates
  • Conduct Preliminary References
  • Review Report on Progress
  • Heavy Recruiting Continues
  • Conduct Interviews
  • Conduct Detailed References
  • Review Progress
  • inal Reference Reporting Completed
  • Client Interviews & Debriefing
  • Continue to Engage Backup Candidates
  • Offer Negotiations & Candidate Counseling

Hire the Best. No Borders.

In the current economic landscape, having best employees and top leaders plays an instrumental role in the running of the company, adding significantly to the success of a company.

Here at ITHirings International, we believe that the growth and success of any company lies with people who form it. From the time of the inception of this company, we have built enduring and lasting partnerships with our clients by giving them dependable management teams and workforce.

For us, our clients’ satisfaction and their belief in our work is of utmost importance, and through stringent internal controls & extremely comprehensive placement guarantees. ITHirings.com is confident and takes pride in its ability to identify and aptly place the best and most suited talent in the world.

With our 3 offices based in Philippines, India and USA, we believe we are in a position to understand the complexities of operating in a global market and at the same time retain a personal approach and relationship with all our clients. ITHirings International takes special care while picking its consultants, fine combing through portfolios to get on board the best suited for this job. Our consultants take a collaborative approach, micro-managing each assignment. ITHirings International holds utmost importance to clientele satisfaction, striving to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ITHirings International, I’m committed to upholding and maintaining the core values, practices and principles that are the pillars of our success. I am extremely excited about growing this company and our business around the world.

We look forward to partnering with you.

Kenneth Albert